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WATCH: David Alaba free kick voted Bayern Munich’s goal of the month for August

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This free kick was purely a thing of beauty.

FC Bayern Muenchen v 1. FSV Mainz 05 - Bundesliga Photo by A. Beier/Getty Images for FC Bayern

David Alaba’s sensational free kick goal from Bayern Munich’s 6-1 win over Mainz at the end of August was voted to be the club’s goal of the month for August. The excellently-taken set piece goal proved to be a stark reminder as to where the phrase “Alaboom” came from, as the Austrian international has made a habit of scoring free kick goals for both club and country. In addition to the quality of the free kick itself, Alaba’s goal came at a significant period in the match against Bayern, which Bayern had trailed 1-0 inside of 7 minutes. Alaba’s goal came right before the halftime whistle, putting Bayern 2-1 up at the break after Benjamin Pavard’s equalizer and paved the way for the floodgates to open in the second half en route to an important 6-1 win over Mainz.

Have a look at the wonder strike from multiple angles:

Of the 11 Bundesliga goals that Bayern scored in August, Alaba’s free kick beat out some close contenders:

  • Pavard’s volley vs. Mainz
  • Robert Lewandowski’s free kick vs. Schalke
  • Robert Lewandowski’s 2nd goal against Schalke (great first touch)
  • Robert Lewandowski’s goal vs. Mainz
  • Kingsley Coman’s side-footed finish vs. Mainz

The real question for Alaba should be; did his Mainz free kick top the insane volley goal he scored against Hannover 96 last season? YOU be the judge!

(Alaba’s goal comes about 15 seconds in below)