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They’re on a boat! Bayern Munich players hit Lake Tegernsee

Take a good hard look at the players on a boat!

FC Bayern Munich training camp in Rottach-Egern Photo by Peter Kneffel/picture alliance via Getty Images

With silly season in full swing, and a classic Niko Kovac training camp already entering the grueling phase. The Bayern Munich skipper decided to let his some of his players have a day off for some good old fashioned R&R. What better place to go than Lake Tegernsee, a mere 30 miles southeast of Munich? With a recent 23-0 victory over FC Rottach-Egern that could have have actually been reported as a homicide in the local papers, the senior players got to enjoy a bit of boating (per Bild). The junior players, of course, had to stay behind for some extra conditioning.

Now, to all you American readers, the last time you heard “professional athletes” and “boat party,” it was probably in relation to the infamous Minnesota Vikings “love boat” incident. I’d love nothing more than to fill in the rest of our readers, but the details would likely cause this piece to be censored by your workplace’s internet filter. Rest assured, this excursion on the beautiful banks of Tegernsee was the polar opposite of that sordid affair.

Sometimes, a little team bonding is just what is needed especially in the wake of the recent news coming out of that lump of coal in the North Atlantic. Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Muller, Thiago Alcantara and Lucas Hernandez are all set to play four different pivotal roles this upcoming season, are from four different countries and are at different stages in their career. Seeing them coming together for something as simple as a day trip to a beautiful resort town for cappuccinos and boating could be a good sign for team camaraderie.

The only thing missing is a certain 6-foot tall, baby faced, half-Senegalese, son of an Olympic-medalist-überfrau, but that’s a story for a different time. Today, let’s all just vicariously enjoy a little bit of the good life through this quartet.

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