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Diagnosis: torn ACL — Leroy Sané requires surgery (UPDATED: ManCity confirms damaged ACL)

Bayern Munich’s dream target will miss months of playing time after he undergoes surgery for a torn ACL. At least one German publication suggests it is a partial tear.

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The diagnosis is in: Leroy Sané has suffered a torn ACL and requires surgery. He will miss several months of the upcoming season. German publications Bild and kicker, among other sources, are now both reporting the diagnosis and the need for an operation. This confirms the suspicions that circulated online yesterday.

How Bayern Munich will respond remains to be seen. Uli Hoeness appeared at the team hotel in Tegernsee on Thursday and refused to give a statement. When asked about Sané’s injury, Hoeneß answered:

Ask the English. I cannot say anything, we will announce facts — not guesswork.

Now the facts are in, at least some of them.

When is a “tear” a “tear”: a note on German usage

There is one important linguistic note to bear in mind: in German, a “torn” ACL (Kreuzbandriss) does not mean a complete tear, but can also indicate a partial tear. Kicker uses the generic term Kreuzbandriss; Bild, however, writes that Sané has “das Kreuzband im rechten Knie angerissen,” which should indicate that Sané has suffered a partial ACL tear.

Both publications promise to share more details when they become known.

ManCity confirms: Sané has damaged his ACL

Manchester City has issued a brief press release confirming Sané’s injury. The club writes,

Manchester City FC can confirm that Leroy Sane has damaged the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.

Sané will have surgery “in the coming week.” The club further promises to “provide Leroy with all the support and guidance he needs.”

Gute Besserung, Leroy!

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