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Lothar Matthäus explains why Leroy Sané would be a perfect fit at Bayern Munich

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The young German national already would find himself among friends on the team — part of a new generation of German talent.

Germany v Estonia - UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifier
Brothers in arms — soon at Bayern Munich, too? Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané in Mainz, June 11, 2019.
Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Dortmund, Germany — In conversation with repräsentatives of the international media ahead of the DFL-Supercup in Dortmund, Bayern Munich legend Lothar Matthäus discussed why he thinks Manchester City’s Leroy Sané would fit in at Bayern despite reservations about his ego and team spirit.

Matthäus compared Sané to a young Franck Ribery or Arjen Robben, highlighting the massive potential that the club and perhaps Sané himself see in a move to the Bavarian capital. Matthäus said,

With Sané coming, [if] Bayern Munich can buy him, [there] is coming back a very good player, a German national player, a player who is very young like Ribery, like Robben ten or fifteen years ago, and he can ... play in this position and maybe write the next story for Bayern Munich like Robben and Ribery.

Sané is frustrated at Manchester City, Matthäus feels, because he is not a guaranteed starter playing in as many games as possible under Pep Guardiola. Matthäus compared Sané’s situation paradoxically to that of English superstar in the making, Jadon Sancho, who declined a lucrative deal at City before signing with Dortmund in 2017.

Matthäus argues that, Sané “is not happy in Manchester. I’m sure he’s not happy because of the number of games. He’s a fantastic player, and Sancho maybe had the same problem. “Oh, if I stay in Manchester I will not play, because there are too many high-level players.”

Sancho has since blossomed into an undisputed starter at Dortmund, while Sané may have the same aspirations should he make the jump to Bayern Munich.

At least since he was dropped from Jogi Löw’s 2018 World Cup squad, Sané has been at the center of various rumors regarding his attitude and team spirit. Matthäus, however, is firmly convinced that Sané would have no trouble integrating into Bayern Munich.

[If] he is coming, he knows the players from the national team now. They’re talking very nice[ly] about him, they had a lot of fun together — this Süle, this young generation of national players from Bayern Munich with Sané. I think he’s included in the team spirit.

Sané thus hypothetically could be part of a new Mia San Mia group gathered around his Germany teammates, Niklas Süle, Serge Gnabry, Leon Goretzka, Manuel Neuer, and the informal leader of the next generation Joshua Kimmich. And a transfer to Bayern would not only benefit Bayern in Matthäus’ view. He explained that the Bundesliga stands to benefit, too, should a player of his caliber return:

It’s good for Germany and it’s good for the Bundesliga when a player like Sané is coming back from England, from a Premier League club like Manchester City, and playing for Bayern Munich. This signals the same for other players and makes the Bundesliga more attractive. And not only Bayern Munich, but the Bundesliga profits from that too.

At present, rumors are still swirling about the future of Sané, but the likelihood that Bayern really will pull off a blockbuster transfer for the young star seems to be growing by the day. In light of their situation on the wings — Serge Gnabry already out injured and Kingsley Coman having an injury scare of his own on the eve of the DFL-Supercup — Sané looks like the perfect compliment to the team.