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Training update: Bayern Munich status checks on Fiete Arp, Leon Goretzka, and Philippe Coutinho

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The squad was broken up today on Säbener Strasse as Bayern Munich had the team undergo performance testing, before a small group participated in training. Other individuals worked out privately.

Energie Cottbus v FC Bayern Muenchen - DFB Cup Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Bayern Munich’s roster is rounding into form as the week progresses. Yesterday, Jerome Boateng returned to training and today, per, Leon Goretzka worked out privately, while Fiete Arp is still sick.

Performance testing

Bayern Munich had the squad undergo performance testing before a small group took to the training pitch for work ahead of this weekend’s match against Mainz 05:

While one set of players had an endurance performance assessment in the performance center, the rest formed a small group of 10 out on the pitch, including new signings Philippe Coutinho, Ivan Persic and Michaël Cuisance, as well Jerome Boateng following his illness.

The purpose of the testing is to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of each player, so that the club can work with each individual accordingly on a plan to address any deficiencies and build on any strengths.

Goretzka working hard to get back, while Gnabry joins him in a private session

While most of the team was occupied with performance testing or small group training, Goretzka worked out with fitness coach Peter Schlösser in hopes of being fit for the upcoming fixture against Die Nullfünfer.

Goretzka’s injury comes at an inopportune time for the 24-year-old central midfielder. Bayern Munich has a surplus of midfield options and Goretzka will be in a consistent battle for playing time upon his return to health. Oddly, Serge Gnabry performed the same workout as Goretzka per Bild (behind the Bild+ paywall), but there was no indication on whether or not Gnabry was banged up.

The #ArpTrain is still undergoing maintenance back at the station

Arp, who had an excellent preseason with the club, is still sick and will also need to get over his illness shortly if he intends to break into the Bayern Munich lineup soon. With the recent acquisitions of Perisic and Coutinho, every session counts for the 19-year-old forward, who is looking to prove himself against top-flight competition every day in training.

Coutinho still trying to get in shape

Coutinho, who made his Bayern Munich debut against Schalke 04 last Saturday, is trying to get himself fully fit for game play in hopes of making the starting XI this weekend. Coutinho took part in today’s performance testing before he hit the training ground. Coutinho joined Perisic, Boateng, Cuisance, Manuel Neuer, Sven Ulreich, Christian Früchtl, Sarpreet Singh, Lars Lukas Mai, and Javi Martinez for the aforementioned small group training.

Coutinho is still considered to be a little behind in training because of his Copa America commitment for Brazil earlier this summer. Based on the video below, Coutinho might need to brush up on his defending a bit, as Perisic made easy work of the 27-year-old midfielder: