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Bayern Munich legend Arjen Robben talks Thomas Müller and Philippe Coutinho

Arjen Robben might be out of the game, but he is still keeping tabs on Bayern Munich. The Dutch great gave his take on the club’s acquisition of Philippe Coutinho and just how important Thomas Müller is to the squad.

Sport BILD Award 2019 Photo by Cathrin Mueller/Bongarts/Getty Images

Bayern Munich legend Arjen Robben has some free time on his hands these days and while his career was cut short due to the multitude of injuries that he sustained over the previous few years, the 35-year-old Ducthman is still keeping tabs on his old squad.

Specifically, Robben addressed Bayern Munich’s recent acquisition of Philippe Coutinho with kicker. The former Liverpool and FC Barelona star is getting acquainted in Bavaria and Robben describes the 27-year-old as a “footballer with enormous potential”:

You have to give him a little time. He’s coming to a new club, a new team. You always need some time, a few of weeks. He’ll definitely play many good games for Bayern.

When asked about giving permission for Bayern Munich to re-issue his old number 10 jersey for Coutinho, Robben indicated that it was no big deal:

I want only the best for the club. When a new player comes and he wants the number 10, what should I say then? “No, please don’t use the number for another year?”

Naturally, the conversation shifted to how Coutinho would fit in at Bayern Munich and Robben addressed the elephant in the room head-on. The master of the cut-in left no doubt that Thomas Müller is still a player that Bayern Munich needs on the pitch:

I’m a big fan of Thomas. He has qualities that no one in the team has. You need them, too. He’s a team player, he runs into space, goes deep. He’s a very, very important player for me and he has shown that, too. Look at the last phase of last season; he played outstandingly.

Robben’s opinion as a former player is very telling and Niko Kovac could have to get the creative juices flowing to figure out how to best use all of the talent on his roster.

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