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Uli Hoeness confirms that he’s resigning as Bayern Munich president

Speaking at the 24th FC Bayern Charity Golf Cup in Gut Rieden, Uli Hoeness confirmed that he will resign as Bayern Munich president and as chairman of the supervisory board.

Bavaria Munich - Hertha BSC Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

Uli Hoeness’s resignation as Bayern Munich president and as chairman of the supervisory board has been confirmed by the man himself (Bild+ paywall).

While attending the 24th FC Bayern Charity Golf Cup, Hoeness was asked by Bild reporter Herbert Jung about his much-discussed resignation. Hoeness said,

I will remain on the supervisory board. But I will give back the chairmanship [of the board] together with the office of president, when the time comes.

Club members will elect a new president at Bayern’s upcoming annual general meeting in November. Herbert Hainer is the presumptive successor; he was sitting next to Hoeness at the event. Hoeness emphasized the good that Bayern Munich has done and does:

What was created here both in social and sporting terms is unlike anything else in the entire world. That’s what makes Bayern so lovable. We want to be different from the money bags that are increasingly gaining the upper hand in our business.

Hoeness also had words for a “prominent player” who criticized the friendly game in Rottach-Egern, which Bayern won by a lopsided 23-0. Hoeness said that “If we stop doing such games, then I don’t want to be a big club anymore.”

The match against Rottach-Egern raised €30,000 for the local club near Tegernsee. The golf tournament raised €30,000 for FC Bayern Hilfe e.V. and €50,000 for the Franz Beckenbauer Foundation.

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