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Bayern Munich rules out pursuing Sané this summer after signing Coutinho

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It seems that Leroy Sané won’t be coming to Munich in the immediate future, but Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is very excited about Coutinho.

Germany v Brazil -International Friendly
Leroy Sané and Philippe Coutinho vie for the ball in a friendly between Germany and Brazil, March 27, 2018.
Photo by Cees van Hoogdalem/Soccrates/Getty Images

After Bayern Munich’s thrilling 2-2 contest versus Hertha Berlin last night, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge spoke to the press with some interesting insights on a few topics including that of Leroy Sané, Phillipe Coutinho and Jérôme Boateng.

Before Sané damaged his ACL in the community shield, he was considered to be Bayern’s top priority and a potential blockbuster signing for the record champions. There have been various reports as to whether Bayern was still considering Sané as a signing for the summer. Rummenigge, however, seems to have put that speculation to bed. Asked whether Bayern would still pursue Sané this summer, he said,

No, people. Everyone knows what an ACL tear means and what that entails for recovery time.

The Bayern CEO reiterated the fact that Sané is still a Manchester City player, while giving insight into the City winger’s intriguing decision to seek treatment at a facility in Austria as opposed to City manager Pep Guardiola’s preferred doctor in Barcelona:

The player is a player of Manchester City. And if that is what he decided, then that’s his decision, potentially in consultation with the medical division of the [German] national team.

The decision not to pursue Sané for now seems closely related to the recent signing of Phillipe Coutinho, which moved along very quickly, potentially facilitated by good relations between the two superclubs. Rummenigge had this to say on his relationship with Josep Bartomeu:

I have a very friendly relationship with the president of Barcelona. That was perhaps a little helpful just now.

Rummenigge was quick to shoot down suggestions that Coutinho was a panic buy or was bought as a “big name” merely to appease the fans. Rummenigge emphasized how Coutinho’s quality is sure to help the club and how the Brazilian made a good impression on the front office:

The name didn’t factor in at all, but rather exclusively his quality. Philippe is a player who can raise our offensive potential with his technical quality. He also made a very good impression on us as a person. He wanted to come to FC Bayern. I’ve very happy about that.

Finally, journalists also asked whether Boateng was destined to leave the Allianz, to which Rummenigge replied:

I cannot say anything conclusive today about that. The transfer market is open until September 2. And then we’ll see how the whole thing develops.