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Bayern Munich has the most valuable trophy case in Europe

And it’s not even close!

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Everyone loves winning trophies and adding to their trophy case. According to valuations by British jewelers F. Hinds, FC Bayern Munich has the most valuable trophy collection in all of Europe. With a whopping £3,113,360.82 ($3,753,421.10) in precious metal according to the current values of gold and silver, FC Bayern blows everyone else out of the water.

Although second-place Real Madrid has 16 more trophies than Bayern, their collection comes in at only £454,511.48 ($547,952.22). Here is F. Hinds’ list of the top-ten European clubs.

Why is Bayern’s cabinet worth so much more? It just so happens that they have a knack for winning Europe’s two most expensive trophies year in and year out! The DFB-Pokal comes in as the most expensive trophy at £89,805 ($108,267.56). It is described as “gold plated sterling sliver with 42 gems (12 tourmalines, 12 rock crystals, and 18 nephrites).” The second most expensive is the Bundesliga Meisterschale, valued at £44,902 ($54,133.18). It is made of “silver with five 71.58 tourmaline cabochons encased in gold.”

No trophy outside Germany is valued over £10,000. Also noteworthy is the fact that the Europa League trophy is more valuable than the Champions League trophy. And if you do the math, a German Domestic Double adds £134,707 ($162,400.74), which is more than tenth place Arsenal’s total case is worth!

Bayern’s historic 2013 ended with the club bringing home six trophies: The Bundesliga Meisterschale, the DFB-Pokal, the Champions League trophy, the DFB/DFL Supercup, the UEFA Supercup, and the Club World Cup. This added £150,644 ($181,614.15) to Bayern’s total. Let’s hope that they add another £150k to the trophy case by the end of 2020!

Arjen Robben And Franck Ribery Hand Over Championship And DFB Cup Trophy To FCB Erlebniswelt Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

Bonus fact: During Franck Ribery’s time at Bayern, the club won 18 trophies (pictured above). These 18 trophies added £903,863 ($1,089,683.67) to the collection’s worth!

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