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Bayern Munich signs Timo...Kern

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This is not the #TimoTime we were looking for.

Bongarts/Getty Images

Bayern Munich has bolstered its amateur roster by signing Timo Kern. This wasn’t exactly the Timo we were looking for, but BFW is an equal opportunity zone for all Timos.

In all seriousness, Kern, a 29-year-old central midfielder, comes to Bavaria from third-division side SV Waldhof Mannheim 07 and should be a valuable player. Kern can fill an attacking role and should be a strong veteran presence for the Bayern II squad.

Bayern II coach Sebastian Hoeness had this to say about his new signing per

With Timo Kern we have successfully signed an experienced and dangerous offensive player. Primarily because of Nicolas Feldhahn’s injury, which will last even a bit longer, we decided to add another experienced player. He can play every position in the attacking midfield. He gives us flexibility and threat on goal.

Last season, Kern scored 17 goals and had 10 assists in 28 regional league games.

Kern was excited to make the move:

I’m really excited about my new job at Bayern and want to support the young team with my experience.

One thing is for sure, we can use the #TimoTime hashtag even if RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner does not make the move to Bavaria this summer.

(Wipes brow after investing in the pre-production of 1,000 official “BFW #TimoTime” t-shirts)