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FC Bayern II: friendlies and injuries

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FC Bayern Munich II prepare for life in the 3. Liga with pre-season fixtures against FC Liefering and SV Türkgücü-Ataspor München.

Photo by Andreas Gebert/picture alliance via Getty Images

FC Bayern Munich II will contest two friendly fixtures at the weekend as they look to prepare for life in the third tier of German football.

The Amateure will play FC Liefering, the feeder club of FC Red Bull Salzburg, on July 6 at the Red Bull Academy. The game will be available to watch on the Salzburger Nachrichten website. One day later, FC Bayern will face SV Türkgücü-Ataspor München at the FC Bayern Campus at home.

Sebastian Hoeness described the upcoming test as one where “two interesting and extremely demanding opponents await us,” Highlighting the importance of pre-season, Hoeness added that “the two games ensure that all available players are used.”

In the meantime, FC Bayern will be without Derrick Köhn and American Taylor Booth for the upcoming fixtures due to injuries. Köhn will be out for several weeks after suffering an ankle injury in training. Booth will be out for two weeks with a muscle injury in the thigh.