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Miroslav Klose explains his determination to remain Bayern’s U-17 coach

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The 41-year-old had an opportunity to coach the U-19s, but he decided to return to his old position. What were his reasons?

1. FC Koeln U17 v Bayern Muenchen U17 - B Juniors German Championship Semi Final Leg One Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

While Bayern Munich’s Sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic may have wanted Miroslav Klose to take a step up in his coaching career, the former Bayern striker remained adamant in his decision to return to the U17s for another year. In an interview with AZ, Klose reaffirms this sentiment:

[The fact that I was wanted to coach the U-19s] is an honor, which also shows what a great job we’ve done with our entire staff. When it comes to me personally, though, I want to plan my coaching career, as I did in my playing career.

Well take that, Brazzo. Miro Klose makes his own decisions and won’t tolerate people like you trying to force things on him. Okay he didn’t explicitly say that. In fact, when asked about the situation between him and Brazzo, he played it down:

I don’t know if he was disappointed. He eventually understood.

It was never a big love affair between me and Bayern, I must admit. There were certainly some problems here and there. But in retrospect, this has been an absolutely successful time. I don’t have any problems with any people from FC Bayern.

Well, since Klose is definitely still the U-17 trainer, he shared his thoughts on the future of his program:

We have really good young players on the team. Now we have to see how far we can grind. But a lot of it is up to the boys themselves.

Frankly, I’m fine with Klose staying where he is. Just think about it: the first exposure a lot of players are getting to FC Bayern is training and tips from German legend Miroslav Klose, all-time World Cup leading goal scorer. Not too bad of an option to encourage and stimulate some youngsters’ growth, is it?