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Mesut Özil OK after attempted carjacking in London

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Former Germany midfielder and current Arsenal star Mesut Özil is OK after a scary attempted carjacking in North London earlier today. Arsenal teammate Sead Kolisnac was there to help ward off the attackers.

Arsenal Pre-Season Tour of the United States Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Former Germany midfielder and current Arsenal star Mesut Özil was involved in a scary attempted carjacking earlier today in North London. As you can see in the video below, two knife-wielding assailants approach Özil and his Arsenal teammate Sead Kolasinac who were inside Özil’s car. Despite the trying circumstance, the players came away unscathed:

What the assailants were not ready for was that Kolasinac was ready to lay it down. He immediately starts throwing haymakers on the knife-wielding attackers. Thankfully, Kolasinac’s “fight club”-esque beatdown of the assailants helped assure that both of them remained safe. Per a report from Sky Sports, Arsenal has confirmed that both Özil and Kolasinac remained unharmed and are OK.

A result of the failed carjacking is that now every one knows to not mess with Kolasniac or else he will welcome you to a real life fight club. All of us at Bavarian Football Works are glad to see that they both escaped from this scary situation unharmed.