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David Alaba’s present with Bayern Munich is stable, but his future is not so clear

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Bayern Munich’s left-back extraordinaire David Alaba won’t be leaving Bavaria this summer, but FC Barcelona and Real Madrid both could be interested in the Austrian star.

FC Bayern Muenchen Audi Summer Tour 2019 - Day 7 Photo by M. Donato/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Bayern Munich left-back David Alaba has seen his name run through the rumor mill over the past few days. Was Bayern willing to offer him to Manchester City as part of a deal for Leroy Sane? Did the Bavarians dangle Alaba to FC Barcelona as an incentive to help land Ousmane Dembele?

The answer to those questions is a resounding “no” or as Sport Bild chief Christian Falk might simply put, “not true.” There were no alleged trade attempts made by the Bavarians to either Barca or City. There is, however, legitimate interest from Barcelona in bringing in the 27-year-old Austria international at some point in the future.

Accordingly, Alaba was flattered by the news that Lionel Messi’s cub would like to bring him in:

Of course it’s an appreciation, of course it’s an honor for me. I have the focus fully here in Munich and on the preparation. I think we have a lot to do in the new season.

Sport Bild, however, has sources that say a move by Alaba-to-Barca is not happening this summer.

According to Sport Bild information, Bayern will not let him pull out this summer under any circumstances. The homegrown is still under contract for two years with the German record champions.

Bayern Munich, however, might not have an easy time retaining Alaba after this season as both Barca and Real Madrid could potentially be bidders on the star left-back.

Alaba’s new management, in which his father is involved, meanwhile tests the market value of the defender and also brought Barcelona or Real Madrid into play. Therefore, a change abroad is also an option for the Austrian international — at a later stage of his career.

For his part, Alaba is playing things right down the middle and saying that he isn’t thinking too far ahead:

I’m not a player who looks far into the future. But I could imagine anything.

BFW Analysis

As the report states, Alaba is not going anywhere for the 2019-2020 season, but with a contract expiring in 2021, Bayern Munich will have to decide internally if it would like to extend Alaba — which seems like a no-brainer for a player in his prime with the skill-set maintained by the Austrian. If the club decides to do so, negotiations would likely start as soon as this winter to avoid Alaba entering a lame duck season.

Doubt, however, does start to creep in when you look at some of Bayern Munich’s recent roster moves and transfer rumors. The acquisition of Lucas Hernandez is seen by some as a threat to Alaba’s position, but it has been made clear that Hernandez is viewed primarily as a center-back for Bayern and that his ability to play left-back will mostly help with roster depth.

Still, despite a roster that includes four excellent and versatile options at outside-back (Alaba, Hernandez, Joshua Kimmich, and Benjamin Pavard), Bayern Munich has detailed that former Vancouver Whitecaps star Alphonso Davies will train to enhance his ability to play left-back, while the Bavarians have also been inexplicably linked to several outside-backs over the course of this transfer window including AS Monaco’s Benjamin Henrichs, Juventus’ Joao Cancelo, and Atlético Madrid’s Kieran Trippier, who Bayern was rumored to have interest in before he made the move to Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur.

At a minimum, Alaba’s situation is worth monitoring over the course of this season to see if — or when — talks of an extension are initiated and how they are received by Alaba’s camp.