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Ulreich annoyed with red card after Rodyrigo’s dive

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Bayern keeper Sven Ulreich was visibly annoyed after earning his first career red card during FC Bayern’s ICC preseason match vs Real Madrid on Saturday.

FC Bayern v Real Madrid - 2019 International Champions Cup
FC Bayern’s Sven Ulreich reacts to his . first career red card
Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

FC Bayern goalkeeper Sven Ulreich controversially earned his first career red card this past Saturday during Bayern Munich’s ICC pre-season match vs Real Madrid in Houston. In the 81st minute of the match, a poorly executed backpass from Joshua Kimmich allowed Real Madrid’s Rodrygo to gain possession of the ball an initiate a 1 v 1 with Ulreich.

As Ulreich attempted to prevent Rodrygo from scoring, he extended his leg to disrupt Rodrygo’s path to the net. Rodrygo, seeing Ulreich’s before him, dove over it doing his absolute best to sell contact as you see below:

Ulreich spoke to AZ following the match and had this to say:

I was still retreating and therefore felt no contact, didn’t touch him. I told him so right away. He said: “Yes, true.” Then I told myself, “Tell that to the referee then! Some players then persuaded him that he should not admit it.

Ulreich continued,

I think it’s a shame that you have to hand out a red card in a friendly game with the score at 3-0 — that was also excessive of the referee. It was strange at any rate. The referee was, I think, a little on Real Madrid’s side.

In all honesty, it was an incredibly soft foul and one that hardly warranted a red card. If anything, Rodrygo would be in a position to receive a yellow for embellishment. Even though this incident occurred in the pre-season, it is yet another reminder of the impact that VAR has had in both the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

While FC Bayern still won the match 3-1 and exacting some small revenge on their Champions League rivals, it was still unfortunate for Ulreich. He continues to have bad luck against Real Madrid.