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Bayern Munich’s Louis Poznanski will transfer to Fortuna Düsseldorf

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Maybe Bayern Munich’s Louis Poznanski should have just stayed back in Germany. The 18-year-old will reportedly transfer to Fortuna Düsseldorf.

AFP/Getty Images

Per a report from Bild, Bayern Munich youth player Louis Poznanski will transfer to Fortuna Düsseldorf. The 18-year-old played left-back on Wednesday night against Arsenal and had a hand (well, a foot at least) in both of Arsenal’s goals.

Poznanski is considered a very good and versatile talent who could potentially excel at both left-back and also in a defensive midfield role. With David Alaba, Lucas Hernandez, and Alphonso Davies all able to play on the left defensive flank, however, Poznanski was undoubtedly headed for a full season in Bayern’s youth system.

While he did not get off to a great start with the Bayern Munich senior team, it is probably safe to assume that this move has been in the making for quite some time and not simply a reactionary move after a tough outing.

Poznanski will join Fortuna Düsseldorf at their training camp in Austria as the squad is preparing for the upcoming Bundesliga season. I shudder to think of the travel logistics that Poznanski probably has had to deal with over the past week. Good luck Louis!

Not sure if my favorite part of this photo is Louis Poznanski’s “OMG, they’re going to ship me to Fortuna Düsseldorf” face, Benjamin Pavard’s “I didn’t sign up for this” expression, or dead Sven Ulreich.
AFP/Getty Images

Update: 8:10PM EST

While exact terms are not known at this point, Poznanski’s transfer will be a loan arrangement. Upon further details being released (term of loan, option to buy, financials), we will provide another update.