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Thiago Alcantara explains why he opposes VAR

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The Spaniard does not want technology to take the beauty and essence away from the game.

Arsenal v FC Bayern - 2019 International Champions Cup Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

The introduction of Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR) in the bigger platforms was not fully accepted by many football fans around the world. Although, if it’s used properly, it is sort of the ultimate solution for inept and horrible refereeing — which Bayern Munich, too, have experienced on several occasions.

As it turns out, all of those bad refereeing experiences that the Bavarians have encountered still have not made Thiago Alcanatara accept the idea of VAR. The Spaniard is completely against the system and says that it steals the beauty of O jogo bonito (Marca):

I am totally against VAR. I am a footballing romantic and I like mischief in the game. Without it, we would not have some of football’s most historic moments.

Thiago believes that a part of the game’s emotion is lost after the invasion of technology and introduction of new systems:

Technology brings some justice but takes away the essence of the game, When you go to celebrate, you do so with some doubt. You look towards the referee to know if it is a goal or if he has his hand on his ear (signalling a review). I believe this makes football lose some of its emotion.

What Thiago said makes sense but when we look into the bigger picture, I would rather have fair judgements over losing points and trophies due to someone else’s mistakes.

What are your thoughts on VAR?