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Match awards from Bayern Munich’s 2-1 preseason loss to Arsenal

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This was Bayern’s first preseason game, against an almost-full strength Arsenal. Who were the standout performers?

Arsenal v FC Bayern - 2019 International Champions Cup Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

Jersey swap: Louis Poznanski

This may sound harsh, but Louis Poznanski was almost singlehandedly responsible for Arsenal’s win on the day. The Bayern Munich youngster was poor at the back, his own goal giving Arsenal the lead when he came on at half time. In the middle of the second half, he was through on goal along with two other attackers, but chose to go for a shot which sailed over the bar. Finally, Arsenal’s winner came as a result of him failing to mark Nketiah.

Not a great outing for the 18-year-old.

Tip of the Cap: Serge Gnabry

After coming on in the second half, Serge Gnabry had a strong outing, terrorizing Arsenal’s left flank for the entire 45 minutes. His assist led to Robert Lewandowski’s equalizer, and he could’ve had a goal of his own soon after when a strong shot from outside the box was saved by the goalkeeper.

That’s pretty much it. Not much to say to be honest; it was a preseason game.

Golf Clap: Robert Lewandowski

Well he got the goal, didn’t he? There’s not much else to say, the pickings were sparse. Lewy once again demonstrated how reliant Bayern is on his holdup play, and how reliant he is on Thomas Müller to create space for him. It was just a friendly, so Kovac is forgiven for breaking the pairing up — but let’s not try that in actual serious games.

Standing Ovation: Kingsley Coman

Coman looked to be in excellent form in his first outing of the preseason, regularly getting past Maitland-Niles and getting in behind Arsenal’s defense. He was a bit unlucky with his shots and could’ve had an assist when he passed to Lewandowski, whose shot was blocked by an incoming Goretzka. Honestly, it was just one of those days for Coman. A few inches here or there, and he could’ve had a few goals/assists to his name, and would be the undisputed Meister of the game.

Meister of the Match: Jann-Fiete Arp.

Arp was the real surprise of this game, showing a good outing in the first half despite playing on the wing. He showed excellent control, positioning, and awareness of his surroundings, but just lacked a that little bit of composure he needed to make a real impact.

Hopefully, Arp gets more playing time over the course of the preseason, and we see him improve on that aspect of his game. As it stands, it was a very promising first appearance in a Bayern shirt, and hopefully we will soon seem him playing at striker so he can show us what he’s really capable of.