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Niko Kovac wanted Bayern Munich to look at Florian Neuhaus and Denis Zakaria

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Bayern Munich coach Niko Kovac can’t seem to get the club to buy into the players that he wants.

Bongarts/Getty Images

Bayern Munich coach Niko Kovac has not had much luck convincing the club’s board to pursue players that he has proposed. According to Sport Bild, Kovac made a pitch for Bayern to explore bringing in Borussia Mönchengladbach’s young midfield duo of Denis Zakaria and Florian Neuhaus.

Coach Niko Kovac is said to have kept an eye on Denis Zakaria (22) and Florian Neuhaus (22). The two Gladbach midfielders are young, dynamic and, according to Sport Bild, would have been two types for the Bavarians future; at least according to Kovac. But, as in the previous year with his suggestions Luka Jovic (21), Ante Rebic (25) and Kevin Vogt (27), he found little attention among those responsible.

Both Zakaria and Neuhaus are central midfielders with Zakaria considered to be more of a defensive midfielder, while Neuhaus is more attacking-minded. Already loaded with talent in the central midfield, it is hard to imagine how either player would break into the rotation as a regular for Die Roten.

Regardless, rumors from over the course of last season indicated that Kovac pushed for the other players listed in the report, particularly Luka Jovic and Ante Rebic, who he coached at Eintracht Frankfurt. Jovic subsequently moved on to Real Madrid, while Rebic is being pursued by Inter Milan and Atlético Madrid among others.