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Breaking: Bayern Munich conducting secret negotiations in Paris (UPDATE 3.0: Falk crushes dreams of a Neymar transfer)

Hot take: It’s Neymar. Get your hype balloons inflated, because it’s time to PARTY.

FBL-FRA-LIGUE1-PSG-NICE Photo credit should read LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images

This just in — according to a new report by Bild, Bayern Munich sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic was spotted in Paris conducting secret negotiations with an unknown party. Bild speculate that it could have been something to do with either Marc Roca or a potential meeting with PSG officials — nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Speculation time!

Is it Neymar? It’s probably not Neymar. But if it’s not Neymar, then who else could it be? Bild’s speculation re:Roca doesn’t make much sense, because he’s Spanish and plays for Espanyol, who are based in Barcelona. Therefore, it was probably something to do with PSG or another French team.

Let’s review all the possibilities:

  • Jerome Boateng: It’s possible that Brazzo was in Paris to discuss the potential transfer of Jerome Boateng to PSG. While the Parisians already acquied Abou Diallo from Borussia Dortmund this window, Tuchel is a known admirer of Boateng’s playstyle and a transfer might even be on the cards — perhaps Brazzo was there to negotiate a sale.
  • Julian Draxler: Nightmare scenario, Brazzo was there to discuss a potential transfer of Julian Draxler to Munich. Draxler is the definition of mediocre, and buying him would only deny Alphonso Davies opportunities to grow. Hopefully, Draxler holds firm to his commitment to PSG, and stays in Paris.
  • Nicolas Pepe: Hey, he’s from France, right? However, we’ve had reports that the Bayern bosses simply don’t rate Pepe, so it’s probably not him.
  • Another teenager: Bayern have signed an army of youngsters this summer, maybe this is going to be yet another one. We’re becoming Chelsea but without the loan army.
  • Neymar: Okay, I said it’s not going to be Neymar, BUT WHAT IF IT IS? Wouldn’t that be a reason to get hyped for next season? Kingsley Coman will finally have company when he’s injured for the Champions League knockouts.

Update 1.0: Some context

The airport in question is a special airport, Paris-Le Bourget, commonly used for business jet operations. In this case, the airport was probably used as a place to conduct negotiations without press scrutiny.

That’s why Bild speculates that Brazzo’s trip (he was only in Paris for a few hours) could have had something to do with Marc Roca or even Callum Hudson-Odoi — the airport could have been used as a halfway point for the representatives of the various entities involved. So the possibilities grow ever wider, although, sadly, the chances of Neymar look much more slim.

Update 2.0: A new player?

Falk confirms that the negotiations were for a new player.

Update 3.0: The dream is dead

Christian Falk rubbished news of a Neymar transfer today. Why must he inflict such suffering upon us? Let us BELIEVE.

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