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Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich asks for new signings to contend in the Champions League

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Joshua Kimmich explained his hopes and expectations for next season with an exclusive interview with Sport1

Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

Bayern’s trip to the United States is Joshua Kimmich’s first visit to the country. The Baden-Württemberg native has become an indisputable starter in the Bayern team since his arrival in 2015. Speaking with Sport1 in an interview, Kimmich revealed that he is rested and recharged for the next season. Due to the notably long vacation, the man who completed 48 out of 49 competitive matches last season is yet again roaring to go:

In any case, it should not happen that I miss a game due to a yellow-card suspension. It was bitter to have missed the second leg against Liverpool. Mainly because of the importance of the game. As far as my physical fitness is concerned, it could not have gone better last year. I’ll try to keep that going. I will invest a lot again, so I can go through the same this season.

When asked about personal improvements, Kimmich mentions that he wants to increase his assist tally, so the team can score more goals. Acknowledging the importance of his defensive contribution, Kimmich believes he already found the right balance between offense and defense, especially in the bigger games.

Bayern meanwhile has lost key players from last season’s squad: Mats Hummels, Rafinha, Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery, and James Rodriguez. Since Rafinha has also left and Kimmich has previously stated that he wants to play more in the center of the pitch, there have been rumors of a new right-back signing for Bayern Munich. When asked if he needs new competition, Kimmich responded by welcoming it:

The club has to decide that. But Benjamin Pavard can play right-back, and so can a few of the youth players. Despite that, it’s important for me to miss as few games as possible. But yeah, competition is always good, and if a competitor should be there, it will also spur me on. If not, the front office still knows that they can count on me. So I look at the matter totally relaxed.

Kimmich later revealed that it has always been his childhood dream to win the Champions League and that, every season with Bayern, he has the chance of doing just that. Admitting that last year could have been better, Kimmich expressed pride in winning the double but confirmed that Bayern wants to do better in the upcoming season. When his interlocutor suggested that Bayern might struggle with the current squad, Kimmich effectively agreed:

We have lots of high-quality players, but whether that’s ultimately enough in terms of breadth to go into the season? You also can see it in the number of youth players who are accompanying us on the USA tour. We currently have 17 field players. If you really want to make a dent in the Champions League, then we could perhaps still use one or two.

Lastly, Kimmich was asked what his gut feeling about Leroy Sané is — namely, whether he might become a Bayern player. Kimmich refused to bite:

My gut feeling does not mean anything to me. I’d like him to come, but I don’t know what he’s going to do.