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Dinamo Zagreb star Daniel Olmo open to a transfer to Bayern Munich

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According to the player’s agent, Bayern would only need to call to get the player on board.

Spain v Germany - UEFA U-21 Championship Final Photo by Emmanuele Ciancaglini/NurPhoto via Getty Images

According to the agent of Spanish midfielder Daniel Olmo, the Dinamo Zagreb star would not think twice about moving to Bayern Munich. Olmo, who is strongly linked with transfers to both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, is a talented attacking midfielder who can also play on the wing.

Here’s what the agent said about the issue of transferring to Bayern [via Spox]:

Bayern is a big club, and there’s no player on this planet who doesn’t want to play for such a club. They have the best scouts in the world & if there’s interest, they can pay Dinamo’s asking price and the salary of such a player.

Now, it’s weird for a player’s agent to be talking so openly about another club, especially when there have been zero rumors of Bayern being interested. However, Olmo was mentioned as one of the names in Bild’s plan B report a few days ago, so the notion of signing him doesn’t come entirely out of left field.

Still, with Leroy Sane still on the cards, and Barcelona looking like they might drag out the Ousmane Dembele situation for a few weeks longer, it’s unlikely that Bayern are looking at a player like Olmo at the moment. Perhaps, nearer to the end of the window, if those targets remain unattainable, the bosses may revisit the notion of giving the 21-year-old a shot.

However, as it stands, this looks like another case of an agent dragging a big club’s name into the mix to make his client more desirable. Nothing to it at all.