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UEFA announces how much money teams can earn in the Champions League

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FC Bayern could earn over €100 million in the next edition of the Champions League

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Winning the UEFA Champions League will bring you an almost eternal glory, unlike any tournament on Earth. Just playing in the tournament, however, will bring your team a fat payday. The richest tournament in the world just got a little bit richer, as the earnings for next season’s Champions League has been announced. Let’s take a look at what teams like FC Bayern Munich has to look forward to.

The payments start with the clubs that make the twelve clubs that make the playoff rounds. In this round, a total of €30 million will be given. Each of the six teams eliminated in this round will receive €5 million. Winning does not make you any money in this round per se, but clubs are then eligible for the money in the group-stage, where the money really starts coming in.

UEFA has forecasted that it will distribute over €1 billion from the group-stage on. These earnings are separated into four pillars.

  1. €448 million for the starting fees (25%)
  2. €585 million (forecast) for performance-based fixed amounts (30%)
  3. €585 million distributed based on the 10-year performance of the club (30%)
  4. €292 million for market-pools (15%)

Just for making the group-stage, whether the team qualified automatically or won in the playoff round, they are guaranteed a payout of €15.25 million. All four Bundesliga clubs automatically qualify directly to the group-stage.

Most of the money earned, will come in the performance-based payouts. In the group-stage, a club will earn €2.7 million for each game that they win and €900k for each draw. The remaining €900k goes into a pool for each group and gets distributed among the clubs in the group, with the better teams earning more, proportionate to the number of wins.

Each team that advances to round of 16 gets €9.5 million. Those who qualify for the quarterfinals get €10.5 million, and semifinalists get €12 million each. Just for making it to the final, the two clubs automatically get €15 million, while the winner will take another €4 million. The winner also qualifies for the UEFA Super Cup, where they will receive another €3.5 million. If they win the Super Cup, they will bring home another €1 million.

A new system that UEFA has began to use is the club-coefficient ranking. Each team is ranking between from 1-32 according to the success over the last ten years. The worst team gets one share, while the best team gets 32 shares. Each share is worth €1.108 million. Bayern is currently ranked number three, behind only Real Madrid and Barcelona. If Bayern ends at third, they will have 30 shares, which would earn them another €33.24 million.

The last money available to be earned comes from the market pool. This will be calculated by UEFA at the end of the Champions League and will pay each club that participated in the group-stage and on, according to how their country did. The further each club goes into the tournament, the better this payout will be. The amount that the Bundesliga teams earn will be split into four. Bayern, as Champions will take 40% while runners-up Dortmund will take 30%, third-place Leipzig 20%, and fourth-place Bayer Leverkusen 10%.

As you are reading this, you are probably thinking to yourself, how much will a perfect season bring in. No worries, we have you covered here! Bayern has a chance to bring home €120.19 million before market earnings. This amount would require a perfect group stage with six wins, then advancing through every knockout round, and winning both the Champions League Final and the Super Cup Final.

While more money going into the club is awesome, we fans would probably be OK with just bringing back the Henkelpott back to Munich!