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Bavarian Podcast Works: Summer Update #3 — Trois Est Une Foule (Three’s A Crowd)

The Women’s World Cup has been excellent, so give a listen to find out how we think about the non-stop action.

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The latest episode of Bavarian Podcast Works has dropped and this was our first-ever three-man show. In addition to Jake Fenner and Chuck Smith, Bavarian Football Works Tweet Czar Tommy Adams made his podcast debut.

Okay, he IS a Liverpool fan, but let’s not hold that against him and Tom brought some great insight into each of the games we broke down.

Anyway, we went heavy into the Women’s World Cup and broke down the knockout stage games and then went on to predict the quarterfinal match-ups. With so many quality fixtures to discuss, you won’t want to miss this episode, especially if you have been following all of the FIFA Women’s World Cup action from France.

Give the podcast a listen and let us know what YOU think about the games that have been played already and those that are upcoming. Specifically, we’d love to know who YOU see coming out of what should be four excellent quarterfinal games.

While we didn’t touch any Bayern Munich comings and goings in this edition, you can be sure to stay up to date on the latest club news by always checking this site.

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