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Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos weighs in on the transfer rumors surrounding Leroy Sane and Bayern Munich

The former Bayern Munich midfielder thinks Leroy Sane is not going anywhere.

VI-Images via Getty Images

In an interview with Bild+ that was captured by the Manchester Evening News, Real Madrid star and Germany international Toni Kroos indicated he would not let Leroy Sane leave for Bayern Munich if he was part of the decision-making team for Manchester City:

I do not think the transfer is going to happen anyway, but that’s just my feeling. From Man City’s point of view, I wouldn’t let him go, or at least make him so expensive that Bayern would not pay for him anymore.

Kroos acknowledged that a move by Sane to Bayern would represent a huge financial transaction for the Bavarians and also that Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry would not exactly represent an easy path to the starting XI for Sane:

If Leroy were to go to Bayern then that would be a huge transfer for Bayern, which has never been seen in this financial context. So, he has some guarantee of playing regularly, but Bayern have good with Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry, players in this position.

Kroos jumping in on this “saga” might be a little late anyway. Earlier this week, multiple reports circulated that the Sane-to-Bayern rumors were all just about dead anyway.

Just last summer it was Kroos, who gave his take on why Sane was omitted from Germany’s 2018 World Cup squad:

Sometimes you have the feeling with Leroy’s body language that it is all the same whether we win or lose. He has to improve his body language.

Regardless, it seems clear to almost everyone at this point that Manchester City should — and likely will — hang on to Sane.

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