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Holger Seitz joins the academy management team while Sebastian Hoeneß takes over Bayern II.

In a change that was anticipated, Sebastian Hoeneß has been promoted to Bayern II, as Holger Seitz will join the management team of the FC Bayern Campus. 

MUNICH, GERMANY - MAY 26: Head coach Holger Seitz of Bayern Muenchen II celebrates after winning the Third League Playoff Second Leg match between VfL Wolfsburg II and Bayern Muenchen II at Stadion an der Gruenwalder Straße on May 26, 2019 in Munich, Germany.
Holger Seitz celebrates winning the 3. Liga playoff match vs VfL Wolfsburg II at Grünwalder Stadium, May 26, 2019.
Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Bongarts/Getty Images

Bayern has started to rearrange their youth management in their quest for a continued successful and sustainable youth programme. Today it was announced that Bayern II head coach, Holger Seitz, will be joining the sports management team at the FC Bayern Campus, which is Bayern’s youth development center. There he will be supporting youth director Jochen Sauer and athletic director Hermann Gerland in their work.

Seitz commented,

This past season with the amateurs was great with promotion and winning the prestigious Premier League Cup. But I am now looking forward to this new task, and I am thankful for the trust of those responsible. It was my wish to be able to take on this new role… FC Bayern is my club, I will work diligently to achieve the goals set on the Campus together with my colleagues.

Seitz, who finished second in the German National Championship with both the U-19 and the U-17 in 2017 and 2018, was the head coach that guided Bayern II to win its long-anticipated promotion to the 3. Liga.

Seitz’s will be succeeded at Bayern II by former U-19 head coach, Sebastian Hoeneß. The 37-year-old, who has coached the U-19 for the past two seasons, is thrilled over his promotion to the second team. He said,

Taking over Bayern II after the promotion is a very exciting and interesting task. I feel great anticipation and will do everything with my coaching team to ensure a successful season, without neglecting the focus of individual support of our players.

Hoeneß will continue to work with his U-19 assistant coach, David Krecidlo. Tobias Dipplert will also take the step up, as he will become the new athletic coach for the Bayern II. In addition, Dirk Teschke and Walter Junghaus will remain assistant manager and goalkeeping coach for Bayern II.

The managerial change in the Bayern youth system comes as no surprise. BFW has previously reported that Bayern has offered Miroslav Klose the U-19 role after a successful year managing the U-17 squad. The club also released Tobias Schweinsteiger as the assistant manager of the Bayern Munich II team when Tim Walter left his job as manager in July 2018. Instead of promoting Schweinsteiger, the club appointed Seitz, who brought his own assistant with him. That decision can be seen as a foreshadowing of what has happened now.

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