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Leipzig insider dismisses rumors linking Timo Werner to Bayern Munich this summer

If Guido Schäfer is correct, the allure of playing for Julian Nagelsmann and his girlfriend’s geographic preference might play a role in where Timo Werner plays next season.

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The rumors surrounding a potential move by RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner to Bayern Munich have been swirling for months, but a source close to Die Roten Bullen thinks that the star striker will remain in East Germany.

Az sat down with Leipzig insider Guido Schäfer, chief reporter of the Leipziger Volkszeitung, who seemed to dispute any notion that a Werner-to-Bayern move was imminent. Schäfer shot down the thought that Bayern has already made an offer for Werner.

There is no concrete offer from the Bavarians, otherwise there would have been movement there long ago.

Chief among the reasons that Werner might stay is the arrival of former Hoffenheim coach Julian Nagelsmann.

He is curious about the new coach Julian Nagelsmann. Nagelsmann has already insisted and explained to him that he will be an even better footballer. I think it’s possible that he will extend his contract with RB.

Schäfer also noted that he thinks it is a stretch to think that Bayern would spend the sum required to procure Werner.

I don’t think Bayern will spend 40 to 50 million euros on a player who is supposed to back up Lewandowski. Especially if this player has only one year left in his contract. In addition, the Bavarians are flirting with Leroy Sané as their current priority. (Werner would be) a 1b solution to the Bavarians, if Sané doesn’t work out — Timo Werner doesn’t need that.

In addition, Schäfer stated that Werner could stay with RB Leipzig because of his girlfriend and also said that a move abroad is not likely.

He needs security. His girlfriend Paula comes from Dresden and would very much like to stay here.

If true, is this the second time a girlfriend has provided a potential obstacle for a player moving to Bavaria? Just last week we saw the report that Leroy Sane’s girlfriend was a roadblock in the Manchester City winger’s potential move to the record champions.

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