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Injury report: Kingsley Coman suffered a “muscular injury” in warm-ups for France

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The Bayern Munich winger has no luck when it comes to the injury gods.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

In what has become a disturbingly all too familiar trend, Bayern Munich winger Kingsley Coman was held out of yesterday’s France vs. Andorra match because he sustained a muscular injury.

Per a report from AZ, Coman was slated to be in the starting XI for the reigning 2018 World Cup champions, but could not participate after tweaking a muscle during the squad’s pregame routine.

Coman, who missed a total of 19 games during the 2018—2019 season for Bayern, is no stranger to the injury report. Overall, Coman missed 118 days due to a ligament tear, rehabilitation, a muscle tear, and back issues over the course of the season.

Given Coman’s injury history, France was certainly correct to have the player sit out as a preventive measure. France ultimately won the game 4-0 anyway, even without Coman. The damage was already done from a Bayern Munich perspective, however, as the club will now look to monitor Coman’s recovery during this break period.