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Hoeness confirms: Bayern Munich is pursuing Leroy Sané; UPDATE: locker room buzzing with the news

The president of Bayern Munich has explicitly confirmed that the Bavarians are working on signing Manchester City’s Leroy Sané for €70-100m.

Manchester City v Leicester City - Premier League
“Leroy, go to Munich!”
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Bayern Munich’s pursuit of German international Leroy Sané has passed from rumor to reality: club president Uli Hoeness confirmed to the Süddeutsche Zeitung on Thursday, “We are working on this personnel matter.”

Kicker first reported Bayern’s interest in Sané on Monday. Bild reported on Tuesday that Hoeness wants to sign Sané to make Bayern’s wingers the same as the German national team’s — a new FC Deutschland. And just yesterday Robert Lewandowski praised Sané as a “super player with great qualities and great potential... a player who can immediately take us higher, who improves the team.”

Hoeness’ comment all but guarantees that Bayern’s interest in Sané is very, very serious. It is reported that Pep Guardiola would like to move on from Sané, and Sané’s only other interest, besides staying in City, is Bayern Munich. The move makes sense both for him, as a German superstar in the making, and for Bayern itself, as the club has yet to sign an offensive player in connection with its roster renewal.

The only question is the price. Hoeness said recently that Bayern would not spend over €80 million on any new transfer, but Sané might just be the one player for which Hoeness would change his mind. The combination of qualities that Sané possesses — German, young, already an established Germany star, and supremely talented — are unique. And his coach, Pep Guardiola, is a very highly regarded former coach and friend of the club.

The stars just might align between Sané and Bayern Munich this time around.

UPDATE: Sané is THE hot topic at Bayern right now

Sport1’s Florian Plettenberg posted an update about the Sané story that contains some interesting additional information. According to Plettenberg,

According to @SPORT1 ‘s information via Florian Plettenberg @Plettigoal Bayern is internally estimating a fee of €70-100 million for a potential transfer of Leroy Sané. It was one of THE big topics in the Bayern locker room today... @FCBayernUS #FCBayern

It would appear that news of the potential signing even has the Bayern locker room abuzz. Sané already has played alongside many of Bayern’s established stars. The price quoted by Plettenberg is also somewhat interesting. €70m seems somewhat low for such a hot commodity, but that may be Bayern’s best-case scenario. A price of €100m essentially conforms to expectations.

For all our Leroy Sané coverage, check out our story stream below:

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