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Thomas Muller’s impact is undeniable

The Raumdeuter has played a major role in Bayern’s offensive resurgence and the 29-year-old wants to remain in the starting lineup.

Bongarts/Getty Images

Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller has been one of the most impactful players for the Rekordmeister over the course of this season. Only now, however, does it appear that the Raumdeuter has on the receiving end of accolades from the German media for his stellar play.

Muller admitted to Bild that he never relishes sitting on the bench and noted that he is happy to be far removed from the time surrounding the Champions League tie with Liverpool where the 29-year-old was not featured as much:

I always try to dig myself in. There was a phase around the Liverpool games, where I wasn’t used as much. But the last few weeks I was there again. Of course I always want to play.

Obviously, the red card suspension that Muller garnered against Ajax played a major role in Niko Kovac not using the player as frequently. Instead, Kovac made an effort to try and build a rapport among the players who would be available against the Premier League power such as James Rodriguez, Leon Goretzka, Javi Martinez, and Thiago Alcantara.

Muller bided his time in the shadows during that period, but when called upon since then, Muller has been fantastic in helping drive Bayern’s offensive effort.

Robert Lewandowski has been extremely happy to have Muller back in the line-up regularly, especially in the instances where Muller is used as an attacking midfielder behind the Poland international. Lewandowski told Bild:

We always have one more player in the penalty area, I have more room and not always two or three opponents against me.

It is hard to argue with the team’s success with Muller. Bild noted the following score lines as proof that Muller’s effect has been significant:

Since the match in Gladbach at the beginning of March, he has been back in the starting eleven on a regular basis. The result: A much better offensive game, one goal festival after the other: 5:1, 6:0, 6:0, 5:4, now 5:0 against Dortmund.

As Bild points out the results are inarguable; Muller simply makes Bayern a better, more efficient, and more dangerous offensive team.

At Bavarian Football Works, we have undergone many initiatives to try and quantify how Muller makes everyone around him better. Whether it was via a film study or a statistical breakdown, it always seems to filter back to the bottom-line results for Muller: Bayern scores more and wins more when its Raumdeuter is in the lineup.

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