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Bayern’s Thomas Muller and Niklas Sule are golf buddies

The Bayern Munich duo love to hit the links together.

Bongarts/Getty Images

The life of a professional athlete is one that most normal people cannot imagine. It is, however, nice to know that even world-famous footballers like to enjoy some down time like the rest of us.

Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller likes to golf and when he does, he likes to hit the links with his pal Niklas Sule. How this all came to light, however, had nothing to do with paparazzi spotting the duo on a local golf course or even a sighting of the fellas hitting the proverbial 19th hole.

While doing a tour of primary schools to promote his new book “Mein Weg in die Startelf” (My Way to the Starting Eleven), Muller was asked by one of the students which players was his best friend on the team.

For a man that doesn’t get flustered much on the field, Muller was caught off-guard.

“My best friend at FC Bayern? That’s a good question, we travel a lot together,” stammered Muller. It took him a few seconds to formulate an answer: “I’ll put it this way: I do most of my private work with Niklas Sule, because we both have a passion alongside football, playing golf. Because it’s a good sport for compensation alongside football, because you don’t have to run so fast and so much, but it’s still exhausting for your head and body. And you’re in nature.”

Muller then went on detail why he often likes to play golf with Sule and it’s because the loser buys lunch.

“I always play tough golf competitions with the Niklas. In the end we shake hands and the loser then has to pay for the food,” the parade Bavarian told us and couldn’t resist his typical grin. No wonder, because Sule almost always has to pay for the food after the rounds of golf.

To his credit, Sule owned up to the losses on the golf course.

“I have often lost there. Maybe this year I’ll be able to win against him,” the Bayern inside defender reveals his golf plans to tz in a duel with Muller. Sule not only practices in Munich, but also whenever he is on home leave in Hoffenheim: “Golf has become a huge component for me. This is my absolute number one hobby. In Hoffenheim, that was already an important balance.”

Sule is so into the sport that his new abode is very close to a golf course. Sule moved from Grünwald to Straßlach where he has a golf course right outside his house.

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