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Breaking: Bayern Munich call an unexpected press conference with Manuel Neuer

No one knows what it’s about, but the timing is rather odd.

FC Bayern Meets Audi e-tron Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images for AUDI

This was sudden: Bayern Munich have invited the press to a press conference with Manuel Neuer tomorrow at noon CET. The goalkeeper, who suffered a torn calf muscle on Sunday, has reportedly been planning for this for a long time, and did not want to postpone it because of the injury [via Bild].

It’s very unusual for injured players to give press conferences at Bayern, even moreso when it’s not one of the regularly scheduled pregame interactions with the media. The Bavarians don’t play again until Saturday, so for Neuer to take this step is unusual, even if he weren’t injured.

What does he plan to announce? No one can say. Unscheduled press conferences have been a bit of event at Bayern lately, given the incredible theatrics conducted by the bosses in the Hinrunde. We can safely assume that Neuer isn’t about to rip the media a new one (even though some of them thoroughly deserve it) — but then what is it going to be about?

We’ll keep you posted with any further updates.

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