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Post-brawl report: Lewandowski and Coman criticized each other’s playing style

In this corner, a selfish dribbler; in this corner, a selfish striker. Hey, FC Bayern isn’t called FC Hollywood for nothing.

Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Bongarts/Getty Images

The fallout of the “fight” between Robert Lewandowski and Kingsley Coman certainly has the media up in frenzy. Bild has now published their own insider info, claiming that the two players openly aired their grievances about each other in front of the rest of the Bayern Munich squad.

According to the report, the two had never expressed complaints about each other before, but the situation apparently came to a head in training yesterday. Lewandowski feels that Coman dribbles excessively on the wings and does not provide him with adequate support. The Polish striker was especially upset after Bayern’s devastating 1-3 loss against Bayer Leverkusen in February. Coman attempted multiple dribbles outside but failed to deliver solid passes to the center. In our own match awards (BFW gave Coman a “golf clap” for his efforts), Berni15 wrote,

The Leverkusen defense were bereft of ideas to contain the winger, but, unfortunately, he did not make them pay. Coman was dispossessed four times, in addition to a handful of poor crosses, leaving much to be desired in terms of end product.

Coman, meanwhile, sees it the other way around. He allegedly feels that Lewandowski is the egoist, only concerned with his own goals, and he finds Lewy’s behavior on the pitch far too diva-like.

Where does that leave Bayern? Honestly, if these reports are true (and they’re from Bild, so don’t hold your breath), it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a few apologies and a handshake. Training bust-ups happen all the time, but these people are professionals and they’ll figure it out. It’s their job.

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