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Alleged Bayern Munich target Luka Jovic might stay with Eintracht Frankfurt

It looks like we can start to cross one prospective transfer off of Bayern’s wish list.

Bongarts/Getty Images

Eintracht Frankfurt’s Luka Jovic has certainly made a name for himself this season.

The 21-year-old dynamo has 24 goals and seven assists in 38 games across all competitions this season, including 17 goals and six assists in the Bundesliga. Jovic’s impressive production has reportedly drawn the attention of such mega powers as Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid, but according to the player’s father, the Serbia international will not be moving on after this season. Instead, Eintracht Frankfurt will almost certainly purchase the SL Benfica loanee and should the team maintain its top four position within the league, Jovic will look to help Die Adler compete in the Champions League next season.

Per Bild, Milan Jovic acknowledged the rampant interest in his son, but threw cold water on the idea that the talented scorer would leave Eintracht Frankfurt. According to his father, Luka Jovic worries about getting consistent playing time at a club brimming with established veterans like Barca.

Luka has inquiries. There are those from Barcelona. But he has no interest. He doesn’t know if he can play football there.

Milan Jovic also detailed how his son is not yet at the stage of his career where money is an important factor in his decision-making.

He was here a few days ago and said, ‘Dad, I’m not worried about money. I want to play soccer.’ He wants to stay in the Champions League with harmony and continue. He is very friendly with the other Yugos in the team.

At the same time, Milan Jovic acknowledged that should a team send a dynamic offer to Eintracht Frankfurt, both the player and club would have to consider what is best.

Luka doesn’t want to be against harmony. When the club says: ‘We have to earn money with you’, he doesn’t want to be against the interests of the club.

BFW Analysis

Wow...Luka Jovic sounds incredibly mature and realistic about his career outlook. Eintracht Frankfurt is a great spot for this talent at this stage of his career and represents a team where Jovic can improve his game, get consistent playing time, and possibly even compete in the Champions League next season.

Sure, the option to make a move to Real Madrid, Barcelona, or even Bayern Munich certainly would have its appeal to any young player, but it seems — at least as of now — that Jovic is prioritizing his development over his bank account.

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