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FC Dallas open to bringing in Bayern Munich talent

Could talent start to flow from Munich to Dallas?

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The relationship between Bayern Munich and FC Dallas has been a collaborative effort by the clubs to build a global network and also to ensure that talent is being developed and utilized in an appropriate environment.

While the most heralded transaction between the clubs was the loan and subsequent acquisition of Chris Richards by Bayern, FC Dallas believes that it could one day start to see some Bavarian talent flow to the United States.

In an interview with, FC Dallas president Dan Hunt indicated that seeing youth players or even veterans from Germany making their way to Dallas is not out of the realm of possibility. He said,

We have an open international slot and salary space to bring a Bayern player on loan if we need one. It’s always complicated. Your positional needs change almost daily. As we get closer to the summer, we’ll address. If it’s not for this summer, then it has to be for 2020.

As far as potentially seeing legendary players like Arjen Robben or Franck Ribery suiting up for FC Dallas at some point, Hunt would not rule it out:

Those are two global superstars, I’ve admired them over the years. The success that pair has had is unbelievable. If MLS is something of interest to them, I think both would do very well. Once they get on the field, they beat people with superior talent and score goals. Who doesn’t want that for FC Dallas?

Overall, FC Dallas is extremely happy with the way the relationship has played with the Bavarian Giants. Hunt said,

It’s been a fabulous relationship with Bayern Munich, we’ve executed on so many things. A lot of these partnerships you’ve heard in the past in MLS have really been a handshake, nothing more, no substance to them. This has a ton of substance, including multiple visits — frankly, Bayern Munich is regularly here.

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