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Daily Schmankerl: AC Milan might bid on Serge Gnabry; Rafinha had an offer from Napoli last summer; and MORE!

Anyone else looking forward to the Bundesliga this weekend?

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An offer for Gnabry? (Calciomercato)

It looks as if AC Milan has become quite enamored with Serge Gnabry and may be preparing a big (but likely not big enough) offer for the Germany international. The Italian club is reportedly intent on improving its talent and depth on the wings and thinks Gnabry could be great fit.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, the mission of the Rossoneri scouts at the game between the Netherlands and Germany was to report on such a player. Among the special players they watched, Serge Gnabry stood out. He scored in the 34th minute with a right-footed shot past Cillesen. Let go by Arsenal and Stuttgart when he was very young, the winger was able to play both on the left and on the right and is now owned by Bayern Munich. The 23-year-old falls 100% in the profile drawn up by Elliott and Gazidis, but will cost at least €50m. Tearing him away from the Bavarians will not be easy, but in the event of the departure of one of Suso and Calhanoglu the Rossoneri club would have ample room for maneuver also from an economic point of view.

Rafinha reveals Italian offer from last summer (Football Italia)

While Rafinha refuted claims from the weekend that he will join Flamengo in July, the 33-year-old Brazilian veteran recently detailed how he had an opportunity to reunite with Carlo Ancelotti at Napoli last summer.

I often heard from Carletto. We exchanged several messages. I admire and respect Mr. Ancelotti very much. He invited me to go to Napoli. He called me several times during the holidays and told me, “Rafa, are you coming to Naples?” But I didn’t feel like it, out of loyalty for Bayern Munich. I’d just signed a new contract with the Germans and it didn’t seem right. I had a beautiful year-and-a-half with Ancelotti and I’m very close to him.

Havertz analysis (Bundesliga — You Tube)

We covered Bayern’s alleged plan for acquiring Bayer Leverkusen’s Kai Havertz earlier today. Here is a video from the Bundesliga detailing the 19-year-old’s tactical profile.

De Ligt’s skill was evident at 14 (@SC_ESPN)

Ajax defender and rumored target of Bayern Munich Matthijs de Ligt has always been considered a top prospect. De Ligt and showed a little bit of that promise in this video when he was just 14.

Manuel Neuer is 33 today (@FCBayernEN)

Dortmund interested in Max (SportBild)

SportBild has a pretty comprehensive rundown of what Borussia Dortmund might plan on doing with its roster and who its transfer targets may be. One of those players listed as a target is FC Augsburg’s consistently overlooked left-back Philipp Max.

There is interest in left-back Philipp Max (25) from FC Augsburg. The 25 million euro transfer fee is considered a “moon price” internally, as it is far too high.

Of course, this could present a nightmare issue of having Philipp Max and Max Philipp on the same team, which would make my head explode if I had to write about that on a daily basis.

The report also states that Dortmund has no interest in Bayer Leverkusen’s Julian Brandt, who has also been loosely link to Bayern. Anyway, give the whole piece a look for the full list on what might be going down with the BVB roster in coming months.

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