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Arsenal fan David Alaba can imagine a future change to England or Spain

What David Alaba can envision and what will happen in the near future are probably two different things.

Getty Images for FC Bayern

Bayern Munich left-back David Alaba is a staple in the lineup for Niko Kovac and is considered one of the players whose hold on his position is never in question. That security, however, might not matter in a few years to the 26-year-old Austria international.

As reported by The Daily Express, Alaba spoke about the possibility of moving on to play in England or Spain.

I can imagine trying something else, but I really feel very comfortable at Bayern. Every year there are new challenges and new objectives and the pressure will always be there. I’m happy in Munich, but of course, I can imagine seeing something else [in the future].

Alaba was then pressed about where he could envision playing and the response was not shocking:

Spain, England. In Spain it would be the two big clubs, I guess? Real or Barcelona. Also the big clubs [in England]. I was [an Arsenal fan as a child]. When you’ve been Arsenal fan as a kid, you will be one your whole life in some way.

While there does not appear to be any real seriousness or urgency regarding Alaba wanting to leave Bayern, the timing of the interview is probably a little unfortunate given how many people could read into the situation given the rumors regarding Bayern’s roster overhaul are starting to creep out.

Yesterday, reports broke that Bayern is close to signing Atletico Madrid defender Lucas Hernandez. Hernandez, who plays both center back and left back, could be considered competition for Alaba in some respect. That said, it would surprising if Alaba moved on any time before his contract with Bayern expires in 2021.

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