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Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben could be healthy in time for Liverpool

The Dutch legend is making progress.

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Per a report by Bild, Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben will return to team training next week, which could make him available for the upcoming Bundesliga match against Wolfsburg and also for the return leg in the Champions League against Liverpool.

Robben now has a big, realistic goal: The round of 16 knockout round in the Champions League against Liverpool on March 13th! The plan: to return to team training next week and to be at least back in the squad against Wolfsburg in ten days. And then Liverpool.

As for Robben’s lingering injury, dental and jaw expert Manfred Nilius detailed to Bild what caused Robben’s issues:

The inflamed tooth wanders out of the bone compartment and then bothers you as you bite. You then automatically bite in an atypical position — this leads to tension in the masticatory (chewing) muscles. These then often pass to the cervical spine. And from there it can go all the way down. Competitive athletes are affected more often. Athletes have a relatively firm bite and burden their dental system more. Therefore, the chance is greater that the tooth may rupture or break. If the cause is recognized and resolved, it is relatively fast. I think he will be fit for Liverpool.

Robben’s availability for Bayern could give Niko Kovac some interesting options on March 13th.

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