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James Rodriguez again hints at wanting a return to Real Madrid

The Colombian midfielder sounds like he’s really missing Spain.

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The Daily Mail captured a recent interview that Bayern Munich’s James Rodriguez gave to Madrid’s Cadena SER immediately after playing Liverpool FC to a draw. Again, the Colombian spoke about his affinity for Real Madrid and did not commit to a future in Germany.

I have to think hard about what I’m doing [in terms of my future]. In Madrid, I have everything: my house, people who love me. We will have to see what happens, but at the moment I have a contract with Bayern Munich. I just want to finish the season and we’ll see what happens.

Asked whether he missed the city of Madrid, James candidly said, “The truth is yes.”

We have been down this road numerous times. The next time James is asked by the German media about his future, he will likely release a statement saying he is “happy” in Munich and Bayern will release a statement about how they want to retain a “quality player like him.”

It’ll be Bavarian Ground Hog Day!

It is perfectly acceptable that James wants to return to Madrid and he has every right to want to make the move. However, let’s not pretend that many of the quotes offered over the last 12 months haven’t been one pre-planned and well-executed PR statement after another.

As stated many times, James is savvy and knows how to play this game. Where and when he speaks on his future are always key factors to the message that he puts out.

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