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Ahead of Liverpool, Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski opens up

The Polish Hitman has been a dynamic force this season and credits a lot of his success to his family.

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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has made a career of proving his doubters wrong and excelling on the pitch. His success has come as the product of the support by his family and the rugged exterior he maintains to absorb criticism. Today against Liverpool, he’ll need to be at his best if Bayern is to steal the away leg in a very dangerous match-up.

In an interview with Bild, the Pole gave a rare insight into his psyche. Lewndowski’s father Krzysztof provided excellent genetics to his son and was also a junior European champion in judo during his own athletic career. Krzysztof died of cancer in 2004 when Robert was 16-years-old and has missed the rise to stardom for his son. It is clearly something that has weight on the Poland international.

I’ve always dreamed that my dad could see one of my games, but unfortunately he never had a chance. But I hope he can watch me from above and see me well from there.

Lewandowski’s mother, however, never misses a game and is truly invested in her boy.

She is very emotional in everything I do.

Even with a supportive nuclear family, Lewandowski learned early that not everyone surrounding him throughout his journey from Poland to Bavaria has had his best interests at heart. Some bad experiences built up an armor around him to keep the negativity away, but that wall has crumbled a bit since the birth of his daughter Klara.

Many people in my life have failed me, so I was skeptical of new people. I was also pretty introverted. Through (Klara) I laugh more, I’m more positive and I’m more open about life. Klara helped me become more emotional.

As far as the haters on social media and the internet go, Lewandowski admitted that it is hard not to be affected by the harsh things that are said even with the protective barriers around him.

I know how to avoid this, I have built a thick coat and armor. Nevertheless, it hits me, sometimes more, sometimes less.

For Bayern to succeed against Liverpool, Lewandowski will be the target man in more ways than one. Much of how Bayern performs offensively will depend on how much attention No.9 receives from Liverpool’s makeshift center back duo. As always, space within the box will be at a premium and there are not too many other strikers in the world able to navigate that terrain with such aplomb.

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