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A Podcast Present: Our Interview with Phil Bonney! (but working this time)

Yes, we know it didn’t work before, but now it’s here!

Phil Bonney (via Twitter)

I know what most of you are thinking: “Didn’t he already release this?”

Yes, Bayern Munich fans, I did. But, there were a number of problems with the file and with our publisher that prevented us from doing the episode. So, we fixed it and here we are with the full interview published and ready for you to enjoy!

Hello everyone! This is a special edition of Bavarian Podcast Works, where today, we sit down with soccer broadcaster Phil Bonney. You may have heard his voice covering the Bundesliga on FOX Sports for the past few years as a member of the international feed.
We talk about the decision to fire Niko Kovac, who may replace him, and the rest of the BuLi table so far this season.
Also discussed topics include the other German teams’ performance in the UCL this season and who may be able to surprise some people during the Pokal.

Thank you for listening and for your patience, and again, thank you Phil for doing this.

Be sure to follow Phil on Twitter @bundesliga_phil and you can find me on Twitter @jeffersonfenner.


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