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Who can Bayern Munich play in Champions League Round of 16?

Sixteen teams made it out of the Group Stage; however, Bayern can only play a select few. Who are they?

Bayern Muenchen v Tottenham Hotspur: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Bongarts/Getty Images

The 2019-20 UEFA Champions League Group Stage has come to a triumphant finish with Bayern Munich hammering their way to a perfect, first place finish in Group B. Now that the Round of 16 teams are set, the only question is who will Bayern Munich face?

The two rules dictating who you can and can’t play are the same as always:

  1. You can’t play a team from your group.
  2. You can’t play a team from your same federation.

That means Bayern can’t play Tottenham Hotspur or Borussia Dortmund. Everyone else is on the table.


On paper, Atalanta is one of the teams that most Bayern fans would pick to face.

Bayern’s all-time record against Atalanta: Played 0

Atletico Madrid

If Bayern were to face one of the two Madrid sides in the Round of 16, I would choose Atleti. They haven’t shown themselves to be very proficient offensively so far this season, and if Bayern have demonstrated anything at this point, it’s that they know how to put the ball in the back of the net.

Bayern’s all-time record against Atletico Madrid: Played 6, Wins 3, Draws 1, Losses 2, Goals For 8, Goals Against 4


Do I want to play Chelsea in the Champions League tournament and beat them by 100 for further revenge regarding the Game That Shall Not Be Named? OF COURSE. Do I also dread having the team take the field against Chelsea ever again due to the Game That Shall Not Be Named? Yes, I do.

Bayern’s all-time record against Chelsea: Played 8, Wins 4, Draws 2, Losses 2, Goals For 11, Goals Against 9


Lyon squeaked through to the Round of 16 with a draw on the last matchday in what turned out to be the tightest group. The French side are another team on this list who, on paper, certainly looks like one of the weaker sides that Bayern could draw.

Bayern’s all-time record against Lyon: Played 8, Wins 4, Draws 2, Losses 2, Goals For 11, Goals Against 9


Hear me out: Napoli is a disaster at the moment. Even after a massive 4-0 victory and qualifying for the Round of 16, Napoli fired former Bayern manager Carlo Ancelotti and appointed Gennaro Gattuso. They’re struggling in Serie A, eight points out of Italy’s fourth Champions League spot. While the Round of 16 aren’t for a few months away, Napoli could be ripe for the picking.

Bayern’s all-time record against Napoli: Played 4, Wins 1, Draws 2, Losses 1, Goals For 6, Goals Against 7

Real Madrid

Historically, this would be the worst possible opponent for Bayern to draw. You never want to face another massive club in the Round of 16, as that’s usually your first tough opponent in the spring. You want to ease into the difficult games.

Bayern’s all-time record against Real Madrid: Played 26, Wins 11, Draws 3, Losses 12, Goals For 38, Goals Against 41

The Round of 16 Draw will take place on December 17.

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