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Germany vs Argentina: Germany draws Argentina after a four goal thriller. Read our quick match observations!

It’s international break time! Germany and Argentina have decided to play friendly in Dortmund, so let’s get to it.

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Quick observations:

  • Germany has failed yet again to be consistent in 90 minutes. A great first half was followed by an abysmal second.
  • Fun for the four newcomers to play. Out of the four, Robin Koch impressed me the most although I have great hopes for Luca Waldschmidt.
  • Löw’s experimentation continues, although time for testing is running out.
  • Overall Germany can be relatively happy. The first half was great and they showed that even without many of their key players, they are able to produce great football.

90’— Germany looks vulnerable.

89’— One minute to go, Germany have been very bad in the second half.

88’— Argentina are looking close to complete their comeback...

85’— GOOOOLAAAZOO! 2-2!! Argentina has come back from two goals down! A shot Ocampos from hits Can on it’s way to goal. Deserved!

83’— Klostermann has been fantastic as well, Leipzig have themselves a jewel.

82’— Rudy comes on for Kai Havertz, whose had a good game.

81’— Another big chance from Argentina. Turmoil in the German penalty area. A shot hits a German leg just as it was going into the goal. Germany can count themselves lucky.

79’— Argentina are playing much better, Germany’s inability to play consistent for a full 90 minutes continue.

78’— All four German newcomers are on the pitch! Fun!

77’— Dangerous chance from Argentina, a shot from Alario goes just wide.

75’— Kimmich goes for goal from a free-kick in a crossing position. Marchesin struggels with it but it doesn’t end in anything too dangerous.

73’— Germany looks less energetic and seems to make less attacking runs.

72’— Fun that Löw is experimenting, perfect opportunity to do so.

70’— Gnabry comes off for Suat Serdar. Brandt came off for Nadiem Amiri before.

69’— Germany has invited Argentina back into the game.

68’— Kimmich has been great as a centre-mid.

67’— Argentina seems inspired after Alario’s goal... Germany needs to be careful!

65’— Gooooolazoooo! Lucas Alario scores for Argentina! Great cross from Tagliafico to an unmarked Alario who heads it in! Nice goal... game on!

63’— Germany has dropped their back-line, which has killed the threat of Lautaro Martinez.

62’— To be fair to Argentina, they are missing many key players. Yet, this has been a poor 60 minutes from a team that has been struggling for the larger part of the 21st decade.

60’— Paulo Dybala comes off for Leverkusen’s Lucas Alario. Dybala has been abysmal.

59’— Argentina has pushed up high without creating any chances. Dangerous considering the strength of Germany’s counters.

55’— Germany must be the only team in the world who does not have to worry too much if their first goalkeeper gets injured... ter Stegen is one of the best...

54’— Emre Can has a great run and is one and one against Marchesin, who saves. What a run and what a game from Can! A message to Maurizio Sarri for sure!

53’— The game has expectedly slowed down a bit in the second half, which is good for Germany. However, they should watch out for being to passive and inviting Argentina to their half.

50’— Great sliding tackle from Emre Can who has been fantastic... Bayern youth!

49’— Gnabry has not done many things wrong in this game, he is looking like he’s in the form of his life...

47’— Waldschmidt has a dangerous opportunity, typical strike from the Freiburg striker that goes wide. He has a bright future ahead of him...

46’— Ocampos and Acuna comes on for Argentina!

Half-time observations:

  • Germany are playing well and are exceptionally dangerous when on the counter. Julian Brandt, Serge Gnabry and Kai Havertz have been great.
  • It doesn’t matter that it is a friendly in Joshua Kimmich’s eyes, he is playing this game like it is a World Cup final. One yellow card for him after a nasty tackle which resulted in him getting hostile treatment from the Argentine’s.
  • Has Paulo Dybala even been in the game? He’s been incredibly quiet. Best attacking outlet for Argentina has been Udinese player Rodrigo De Paul.
  • Germany are playing with a back-three which is working well. Can - Koch - Sule have had a decent game so far but the real highlight has been the two attacking full-backs: Lukas Klostermann and Marcel Halstenberg.
  • Argentina’s defence has been a mess so far. They should count themselves that Germany are only up by two.

45’— Half-time in Dortmund!

44’— Gnabry has a dangerous opportunity. This time it goes just wide.

43’— There are so many fouls considering this is a friendly... both teams looks very irritated with each-other.

40’— De Paul has another shot, although this one goes significantly above ter Stegen’s cross-bar.

39’— It is fun, passionate and extremely rainy in Dortmund.

36’— Second time Kimmich has gotten a bad tackle, second time he stands up.

35’— Fun game considering it is a friendly. Back and forth all the time.

34’— Correa has a volley after a great cross from Pereyra. Argentina has stepped up.

33’— Another shot that hits the post, this time from De Paul. Great strike from the Argentine.

31’— Halstenberg has a great free-kick but it hits the cross bar. What a chance. Argentina should count themselves lucky.

30’— De Paul gets a yellow card.

29’— Every acceleration from Gnabry, Havertz or Brandt creates turmoil within the Argentine defence.

26’— Very close to 3-0.. Great cross from a free-kick by Kimmich, Sule heads it to Brandt who just can’t get there. Too easy, Germany are dominating completely.

25’— Yellow card for Manchester City defender Otamendi. No discussion there..

24’— This game has many fouls for a friendly... I’m liking it.

20’— ROCK N’ROLL FOOTBALL! 2-0 to Germany!! Havertz the goal scorer... another great counter-attack! Great run from Klostermann (again) and fantastic pass from Gnabry, Havertz taps it in. WOW!

19’— Germany has grown into this game and now looks dangerous every-time they have the ball.

18’— Gnabry has scored 10 goals in his last 11 caps....

16’— Julian Brandt is through yet again but is denied by an Argentine leg. Germany are playing well!

15’— TOOOOOOOOR! Guess who??? Serge Gnabry scores again!!! His composure inside the box is great, nice work from Klostermann too! 1-0 Germany!

14’— First big chance! Julian Brandt has a golden opportunity to score but is denied by Marchesin. Poor finish from the BVB winger.

11’— Nasty tackle from Joshua Kimmich, a clear yellow card. Unnecessary from the captain.

10’— Argentina looking the more dangerous team.

8’— Emre Can does a nice clearance in Germany’s penalty area. Martinez would of been there otherwise.

7’— Gnabry finds space although does not have many options to pass too. Ends up losing the ball.

5’— Sule might have a hard time against the quick Lautaro Martinez today..

1’— Whether you think Manuel Neuer or Marc-Andre ter Stegen should be in goal, it is unquestionable ter Stegen is fantastic on his feet. Was incredibly calm even though Argentine attackers were inside the goalkeeper area.

0’— Minute of silence as a result of what happened in Leipzig today.

0’— Interesting German line-up to say the least: Marc-Andre ter-Stegen in goal, Luca Waldschmidt and Robin Koch making their debuts and of course, Joshua Kimmich captaining the team!

0’— Kick off in Dortmund! An interesting friendly is underway (if there was ever such a thing).

Germany only have one UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier to play during the upcoming international break, so they booked a friendly to prep themselves. On Wednesday, a trip to the home of Borussia Dortmund is in the cards as Germans host the Lionel Messi-less Argentina.

It’s a great opportunity for Jogi Löw to work on his team some more ahead of next summer’s tournament. That is, if you trust that Löw knows what he’s doing.

Four Bayern Munich players were called up for this camp — Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, Serge Gnabry, and Niklas Süle — and one would suspect that all four players will be in the starting lineup for this one.

As stated earlier, Germany will play one UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier during this break. On October 13, the Germans will travel to the A. Le Coq Arena in Tallinn for a match against Estonia.

It’s Bayern time.

Match Info

Location: Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany

Time: 8:30 pm local time, 2:45 pm EST

TV/streaming:, Find Your Country

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