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Kingsley Coman clocked as the fastest player ever in the Bundesliga

The only surprise for Bayern Munich fans is perhaps that Coman was not already the fastest player on record.


Holy smokes, Batman, that Kingsley Coman sure is fast! All jokes aside, does it really surprise anyone that Coman is one of the fastest players in the world? If it does surprise you, it shouldn’t any longer. The Frenchman has officially been clocked as the fastest player in the history of the Bundesliga, per Squawka. The French winger was officially clocked at 35.7 km/h during Bayern Munich’s 3-2 win over SC Paderborn at the Benteler Arena, the fasest sprint and top speed ever recorded in the Bundesliga since data first was collected in 2013.

As you can see in Opta’s graphic above, Coman beat out a list of some true speed demons, narrowly edging out Mainz’s Jeremiah St. Juste, who possess incredible pace for a center-back. The season is also still in its beginning stages, so Coman, much like every other player in the league, has a chance to break his own new top-speed record, aided by the fact that the 3rd-quickest Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang no longer plays in the Bundesliga. If the Frenchmen is able to stay fully fit this season, you’d surely have to back him to break his own record once again while adding some goals and assists along the way (we’re keeping our fingers crossed here at BFW).

Sprint speeds began to be get collected during the 2013/2014 season, and there is no data for earlier seasons, but in light of the advanced fitness regimens, diet, and training programs that are available now, it’s probably safe to presume that players of decades past may not have been as quick.

Coman’s top speed recorded against Paderborn is incredible in its own right, especially considering the injury problems he’s suffered throughout the past two seasons for both Bayern and France. In the 2018/2019 season, Coman’s quickest clocked speed was 34.8 km/h, which was only the ninth-best mark in the league topped by Hertha Berlin’s Lukas Klunter at 35.4 km/h.

Paradoxically enough, Coman recently said he feels as if he has slowed down since returning from injury. Perception and reality, in this case, happily diverged.

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