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Bavarian Grass Works: Bayern’s training pitch receives oxygen treatment

Is it a mars rover? Is it the new batmobile? No, it’s the Air2G2 324!

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session
So fresh and so green!
Photo by A. Beier/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Bayern Munich’s stadium, the Allianz Arena, and the beautiful training grounds at the Säbener Strasse are well known not only for their magnificent looks, but also for the various technologies and methods that help keep them in optimum condition for game-time at all times.

It seems like the technicians have elevated their play even further. According to a new story by Bild, Bayern is now using new Air2G2 324 machines imported from the USA to inject oxygen into the turf at the training grounds. The company, Campey Turf Care Systems, has the slogan “Air is everything for everything that lives!” which is a fair argument considering that pitches are made of grass. The device is able to shoot oxygen up to 30 inches into the ground and “bring air into the deeper layers of earth, which are compacted by high loads — without damaging surface and roots.”

The advantages of injecting oxygen into the turf include better water drainage during rain, better root growth, and, subsequently, increased lawn durability. Bayern’s commitment to make sure even the smallest of details get attention is one of the reasons that contribute to the success of the team. Sounds like the lads will be welcomed by an upgraded turf after the international break!

Tune in to Bavarian Football Works to get more coverage with regards to the growth of grass, pitch conditions and the on-pitch technologies in use!

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