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Off the Crossbar: Bayern Munich troublemaker Niklas Süle talks past run-in with police

Niklas Süle is a menacing figure on the pitch and has a (not very) long history of drawing the attention of local authorities.

Germany - Training And Press Conference Photo by Maja Hitij/Bongarts/Getty Images

We covered a lot of hot-button topics from Bayern Munich center-back and Germany international Niklas Süle’s sit down interview with and DAZN yesterday.

One detail that emerged later revealed that as a reckless youth player at Hoffenheim, Süle was once involved in an incident that required police involvement. What could Süle have done? Was it a rollicking brawl in the mean streets of Sinsheim? Did he rob a liquor store? Was he he tagging “Der große Nik” on buildings around town?

Nope, it turns out that Süle just wanted to get a little extra practice 2:30AM, which infuriated some locals:

In Hoffenheim, in this small, tranquil village, we liked to switch on the floodlights at half past two at night, because we wanted to play a little. One time, the neighbors went ballistic and called the police — and the next day I had to talk to the manager Alexander Rosen in his office.

Hopefully Süle learned his lesson about keeping late nights and has committed himself to a more disciplined lifestyle. I hope he turns out okay.

Nicky was a young boy

He’s better than John Stones

Hit the pitch at 2AM and worked his body to the bone

Just barely out of school

Came from Frankfurt town

Fought like a switchblade on the pitch, so no one could take him down

He had no money, oh

He’s good at home

He walked the pitch a soldier

And he fought the youth ranks all alone and now it’s

Eighteen and life you got it

Eighteen and life you know

Your crime is time and it’s

Eighteen and life to go

Eighteen and life you got it

Eighteen and life you know

Your crime is time and it’s

Eighteen and life to go...

You didn’t come here expecting a Niklas Süle-Skid Row mash-up, but that’s exactly what you got. Enjoy Bayern Munich vs. Tottenham Hotspur!

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