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A phenomenal talent: Why Bayern Munich must sign Callum Hudson-Odoi at all costs

Like others, I was on the fence about this kid. But watching Callum Hudson-Odoi in action against Nottingham Forest dispelled all my doubts. He’s Bayern Munich quality

Chelsea v PAOK - UEFA Europa League - Group L Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Bayern Munich must sign Callum Hudson-Odoi at all costs. If Chelsea ask for £40m, then pay them. It doesn’t matter. If Marina Granovskaia wants money, she can have it. We don’t have a shortage of cash. This talent, however, needs to come to Munich.

Okay, that was a strong opening, so let’s back up. Chelsea just played against Championship side Nottingham Forest, and Maurizio Sarri saw fit to put the youngster in the lineup. If you know Italian managers, then you know what an incredibly rare occurrence this is. Thanks to TomAdams71 for pointing it out; otherwise, I would’ve missed an incredible performance.

How do I describe Odoi? He’s silky smooth like Thiago Alcantara, but fast like Kingsley Coman. His feet move quickly and with purpose, but despite his incredible pace he can turn on a dime. The kid is so maneuverable it’s staggering. He broke a Forest player’s angles with a simple pirouette.

That’s not all. Hudson-Odoi was so mature on the pitch, it was like watching an established player at times. When in a 1v1 situation, he didn’t attempt the dribble unless he had a good chance of winning it. If the route wasn’t clear, he passed inside to Ross Barkley or tried to overlap with the fullback.

This resulted in very few dispossessions for the youngster, which allowed Chelsea to dominate possession and pin Nottingham Forest back. Hudson-Odoi’s final ball was brilliant and well beyond what Serge Gnabry or Kingsley Coman could manage at a similar age.

Chelsea and Sarri should credit both goals in their anemic offense to young Englishman. Even though Eden Hazard was on the pitch, it was Hudson-Odoi’s assist that allowed Alvaro Morata to score the goals that made the difference. To outshine Eden-freaking-Hazard is no mean feat, but CHO managed it.

Apologies if this reads like a hype-article, but there’s really nothing more to say. Okay, there were a few weaknesses in Hudson-Odoi’s game, mainly his ability to track back and help out in defense. In fact, he didn’t seem to be completely concentrating on the game, as if his mind was elsewhere. Maybe it’s because of an impending move to Bayern? We hope it is, because if a distracted Odoi can put in that kind of performance, there’s no telling what a motivated Odoi can do.

I’m all for financial prudence, but if the board saw fit to pay through the nose for Renato Sanches, then they should do the same here. The level of potential is unmatched. If we balk here, it could be even more painful than Leroy Sane or Kevin De Bruyne. It doesn’t matter what it takes, Callum Hudson-Odoi must become a Bayern Munich player.

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