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Kovac’s stone fist mentality has cracked

The Croat is not as harsh as we thought he would have to be.

FC Bayern Muenchen And Paulaner Photo Session Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images for Paulaner

Niko Kovac’s reputation preceded itself when he arrived at Bayern Munich from Eintracht Frankfurt. The strict tactician brought in ideas of controlling players and had them follow a strict set of rules, with one of the biggest rules being a ban on cell phones in areas outside of the locker room.

It was unclear how Kovac would implement these rules and how long the players would last. We may finally have an answer.

A report by TZ revealed Kovac has taken a less restrictive approach to the locker room. The report says the manager is happy as long as the results keep coming in and he has allowed the players more privileges. They are not fining the players for breaking his seven commandments, and the cell phone ban has been relaxed.

Kovac didn’t have to deal with major superstar players during his time at Eintracht Frankfurt; so there must have been a learning curve when he was introduced to players like Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery. But, with the exception of one outburst from Robben in the game against Stuttgart, both players have seemed to have adapted to the coach very well.

No one should take this as an indication that Kovac has slacked off. More likely than not, he has adapted to his surroundings as any manager should when he makes a jump as big as this one.

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