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Reality bites: Niko Kovač knows hard choices are ahead

With a roster full of stars, the the Bayern Munich manager knows he will disappoint, frustrate, or anger more than a few of his players on a weekly basis.

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It is one thing to look at a roster as talented as that of Bayern Munich from the outside and pontificate about how it should be managed, but it is a different world when YOU are the one making the call on who starts, who dresses, and who gets a view from the stands.

For Niko Kovač, the old adage of “with great power comes great responsibility” will ring more true than ever before as he has to fill out his first Bundesliga lineup card for the Bavarians on Friday before the season opener against Hoffenheim. For his part, Kovač seems to recognize the fact that in a locker room full of insane talent, there is no way to keep each player happy. As he told Bild, the depth and ability within Bayern’s squad is both a bit of a blessing and a curse:

Those who play are superstars. Those who do not play are superstars. And those who sit in the stands are also superstars. There will be disappointed faces!

With sensational depth just about everywhere, Kovač will play equal parts coach and sports psychologist as he tries to sort out how to best utilize all of the talent at his disposal. Whether it is figuring out how to pick three midfield positions to start from the eight players he has available, or when to rotate his wing players, or even how to best handle the changing of the guard at the center back position, every move made by Kovač will be questioned and judged by each fan, player, front office official, and pundit alike.

So good luck with the challenges ahead Niko. If you ever need any advice, there will always few thousand people within shouting distance to give you a hand and if you don’t need their input, there will always be even more to tell you what you did wrong later.

Only a few sets of eyes will be on Niko Kovač tomorrow.
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