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Don Balolol: How Arturo Vidal’s son broke the transfer market

The kid is awesome and he just out-scooped the world on where his dad may play next.

Getty Images for FC Bayern

Kids are great...and completely unpredictable.

I mean, some adults may be annoyed by them and sure, A LOT of them are wasting away on Fortnite even as we sit here, but man, they do a lot of funny things. Even say, release global soccer stories on their You Tube channel.

Who needs like the likes of Don Balon or the Daily Mail or Marca or even The Daily Schmankerl (*blasphemy*) when we’ve got kids breaking the soccer internet?

The culprit in this case of a transfer rumor “who done it?” was none other than Alonso Vidal. The son of Bayern Munich (for now!) midfielder extraordinaire, Arturo Vidal. Young Alonso broke a major story you may have heard about...four days ago on his You Tube channel. You know the one about his dad possibly transferring to Inter Milan....or FC Barcelona (the shocking twist)!

It was an innocent thing that Alonso did, but one that created a ton of waves for those following closely along with what may happen to his old man — who just happens to be one of the most intense midfielders on Earth.

Vidal is a fiery competitor, one who the opposition is always keeping an eye on because of his physical and aggressive style. Yet it was his outgoing and personable son who unwittingly and nonchalantly turned the transfer market rumor machine upside down.

I mean, before Alonso fired up his You Tube account it was widely assumed that his dad was headed to Inter Milan. That is, until Alonso told the soccer media to slow its collective roll a bit.

Right now, we can’t even really confirm that Alonso didn’t chat it up with Ivano Modrić to hash out exactly which family was going to take up residence in Milan. Heck, Ivano’s own mother, Vanja Bosnic, was allegedly the person who reached out to Milan to see if they were interested in her husband...that silly dude who won the Golden Ball a few weeks back for Croatia at the World Cup.

Think about it, though, if YOU were the child of a worldwide star like Vidal, wouldn’t you have a little bit of a vested interest in where you might be lacing up your own cleats next? Wouldn’t it be hard for YOU to contain that kind of info? This is still one of the areas where the fans don’t get much insight into the lives of their favorite athletes. Suiting up for a new squad is likely just a minor transformation in life of a player, but the residual effects that changing teams might have on the most important people surrounding around those players, their families, is often just swept under the rug as the price of fame and fortune.

For one little moment now, however, we got that insight — all thanks to Alonso’s You Tube channel. As a kid, Alonso Vidal just wants to know what school he’ll be attending, where his new home will be, and what his dad’s new kit is going to look like.

So before we inevitably hear some pundit saying Vidal needs to get his house in order or how it’s not this kid’s duty to spread his dad’s business; how about we just take a second and appreciate that this kid just out-scooped the entire soccer media...and then probably went back to play a little more Fortnite.

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